Calculation of P/L & Cost

Calculation of P/L & Cost

P/L: It represents the profit and loss of your current position

Calculation formula:

P/L (long position) = (current market price - cost) * qty

P/L (selling short) = (cost - current market price) * qty

Cost: Currently, the system supports two cost calculations, namely diluted cost and average price. The default is diluted cost, and if you need to change it, you login to the apps - "Portfolio" - "More" - “Portfolio" - "Cost Calculation" or "Me" - "Settings" - "Portfolio" - "Cost calculation".

Diluted cost

It represents your secure price during the holding period from opening to closing. That is, each time you increase or reduce your position, it may increase or reduce the cost price. It calculates the P/L of each transaction during the holding period (excluding commission and fees, etc.), considering both buying and selling changes. At the same time, the dividends of corporate actions during the period of holding the position may also increase or decrease the cost price.

Note: The system will regard it as an arbitrage if you liquidate and open a position within the same trading day, and the system will continue to use the data of the holding period to calculate the diluted cost.

Calculation formula: Diluted cost = (total buying amount during the holding period - total selling amount during the holding period) / current holding amount

Average price

It represents the cost of the corresponding position and only considers the situation of increasing the position regardless of reducing the position. The reduced positions have been turned into the realization of P/L.

Calculation formula: Average price = (average cost price before purchase × quantity + price of this purchase × quantity) ÷ holding quantity after purchase